nickel bag multi


-Size 13 x 16 cm
-Zip fastening
-Material: jersey clippings


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Its size (13 x 16 cm) is perfect for:

– carrying money change
– makeup featuring your favorite lipstick;
– wellness practice carrying your essencial oils;
– any small items your create mind wishes for!

clipping up textile

SICA Proudly made in Bangladesh design pieces are made in rural communities in Northern Bangladesh.
The production supports local social business with fair working conditions.
The aim of SICA is to improve the work possibilities as well as creating new ones.


The SICA Proudly made in Bangladesh line are functional accessories and homewear from its unique handwoven textile.

Sourcing the textile clipping waste from mass garment production and putting it into the hands of the skilled craftswomen in rural Northern Bangladesh.

SICA’s partnership with these craftswomen has lead to the innovation of a unique durable and up-cycled textile.

read more about SICA Proudly made in Bangladesh.


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