SICA COTTON CANDY bike pannier is created to be the perfect companion for your bike.
Both parts of the pannier have an easy and safe closing system with a drawstring closure.
With only one click you can attach and release the bag from the bicycle carrier.

built in two bag compartments of size 36 x 32 cm each

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– Built in two bag compartments of size 36 x 32 cm each
– Inner pocket with zipper
– Adjustable shoulder strap in 2 possible lengths: 50 cm or 100 cm
– Material: jersey clippings

Clipping Up

SICA Proudly made in Bangladesh design pieces are made in rural communities in Northern Bangladesh.
The production supports local social business with fair working conditions.
The aim of SICA is to improve the work possibilities as well as creating new ones.

read more about SICA Proudly made in Bangladesh.

Fair Trade

SICA turns textile post-industrial waste into wonderful upcycled products.
Due to material’s nature, the colour of products can slightly change from the online photos.

The Proudly made in Bangladesh line is made out of functional accessories and homewear from its unique handwoven textile.
Every piece is hand woven on traditional looms, in this way SICA helps to preserve the Bangladeshi traditional art of weaving.

For further infos, read about SICA design process.


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