PIPA gray Tischunterlage


As single placement or in pairs, the table mats are to bring colorfulness to table and home surfaces!

SICA table mats are ethically made in Northern Bangladesh. Every piece has been handcrafted on traditional hand looms.
The design pieces of SICA are made out of textile jersey clippings. Each piece is unique and can slightly vary in size and colour.

size: 30×48 cm


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SICA supports bengali women artisans to explore and develop traditional crafts and to pursue contemporary designs.

Our home items are made on Satranji looms, a slow and careful tapestry handcraft from Northern Bangladesh.
With the twist of traditional motives made of new materials. SICA rug collection has thick and strong pieces made from cotton jersey cut offs from the local textile industry. The designs are developed in partnership between the weavers and SICA.

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Größe 300 × 400 mm


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